Collapsable content in Markdown with <details>

Collapsable content in Markdown with <details>

Pro Tip: The HTML disclosure summary element (<details>) works with markdown so you can create collapsable sections in your READMEs like so:

<!-- -->
  <summary><b>See 7 Available Translations</b></summary>

  - [🇩🇪 Deutsch](./de-DE/
  - [🇪🇸 Español](./es-ES/
  - [🇫🇷 Français](./fr-FR/
  - [🇮🇩 Indonesia](./id-ID/
  - [🇳🇱 Nederlands](./nl-NL/
  - [🇧🇷 Português Brasil](./pt-BR/
  - [🇹🇷 Türkçe](./tr-TR/

Rendered output:

If your documentation includes huge blocks of code or has many sections, using <details> can be a great way to preserve readability! 📖

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