3 Uncommon but useful HTML elements

3 Uncommon but useful HTML elements

1) <abbr>

The abbreviation <abbr> element is used to represent an acronym or abbreviation. If you include a title attribute, the text will be display as a tooltip on hover!

  The <abbr title="Product Detail Page">PDP</abbr> provides
  information on a specific product.

2) <progress>

The <progress> element will display a progress bar indicator that can be easily controlled with it's value attribute. The JavaScript in this example will incrementally fill our progress bar every 100ms as shown here:

<label for="progress">Progress:</label>
<progress id="progress" max="100" value="0"></progress>

  const progress = document.querySelector('#progress');
  let val = 0;

  function setProgress() {
    if (val > 100) val = 0;
    progress.value = ++val;
    setTimeout(setProgress, 100);

3) <wbr>

The word break opportunity <wbr> element will allow you to specify exactly where a line of text should break when there is overflow. For example, if we have a super long line of text like this URL, we can tell the browser where the text should break if it doesn't fit on one line:


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